Size: 156.40 Km?
Population: Approx. 53,000.
Residents known as: Vele?os
Monuments: Church of Santa Mar?a la Mayor, Church of San Juan Bautista and Convent of San Francisco.
Geographical situation: It is the biggest municipality of the Axarqu?a, 50 kilometres from Malaga.
Tourist information: Town Hall, Plaza Carmelitas, s/n. 29700
Phone: 952 559 100 Fax: 952 504 616
Torre del Mar Tourist Office: Avda. Andaluc?a. Tel: 952 541 104.

The best way to get to V?lez-M?laga by road is by taking the Autov?a del Mediterr?neo in the Motril direction and turning off as signposted. But it is also possible to reach this huge municipality by sea and by air. La Caleta de V?lez has a large fishing port with a section for pleasure craft, while the Royal Malaga Aeroclub uses an airfield at El Trapiche.
V?lez?s climate is mild all year round, with an average of 23 ?C in winter and 26 ?C in the summer months. This has attracted people from many parts who have come to settle here. Since it covers such a huge surface area, 156.40 square kilometres, the municipality is dotted with towns and villages. The largest of these is the town of V?lez-M?laga itself, just a few kilometres inland, while the resort of Torre del Mar is on the coast, as is the port of La Caleta de V?lez. All three are well linked by road: the Autov?a del Mediterr?neo, the various older roads and the Avenida Rey Juan Carlos I, which links the town centre with Torre del Mar. There are various explanations as to why the main town, V?lez-M?laga, is not on the coast, as is usual with municipalities which reach down to the seashore. (Mijas is another exception.) One of these explanations refers to an earthquake in the year 365. The huge waves caused by seismic movement devastated the only settlement on the coast. Remains of this town are to be found at the Phoenician archaeological site of Los Toscanos and in the surrounding area. After this catastrophe it was decided to build a town on the hill where the fortress currently stands.
Another explanation, rather less scientific and more legendary, tells the story of a shepherd who found an image of the Virgin Mary in the countryside. He liked it so much that he decided to take it home for his daughter but lost it on the way. The next day it was back in the same place where he had found it and again he picked it up and tried to take it home. Again he failed. The story spread like wildfire and all the local people began to think that it was a miracle, erecting the present shrine at the spot where the image had been found. The countryside around V?lez-M?laga is scattered with small market gardens and orchards, with an increasing number of tropical fruit trees as they grow well in the micro-climate created by the Sierras of the Tejeda, Alhama and Almijara Nature Park.
There are remains of several settlements in the municipality, such as the Mozarab Eremitic Complex at Valle-Niza, the Phoenician remains at Los Toscanos and the Cerro Mar y Jard?n burial grounds, some of which go back to pre-historic times. The architectural gems in the town earned it the title of historical-artistic complex in the 1970s.

Marisquer?a-Freidur?a La Marina. All types of fish and seafood. C/ Del Mar. Edf. Alsina bajo. 29740. Torre del Mar. Tel: 952 546 604.
Bar Fernando. Specialising in potatoes stuffed with ham, summer fries, paella and all types of fish and seafood. C/ Del Mar, 73. 29740. Torre del Mar. Tel: 952 542 174.
Bar-Restaurante La Cueva. Reservations should be made for weekends and during the high season. Specialising in fish and seafood. 29740. Torre del Mar. Tel: 952 540 223.
La Pergola. Specialising in rice dishes. 29740. Paseo Mar?timo, s/n (Edf.Antillas, 8).Torre del Mar. Tel: 952 540 150.
Pirri. Specialising in fresh fish and seafood, Malaga fries and prawns. 29740. Torre del Mar. Tel: 952 541 170.
Los Migueles. Traditional cooking. 29700. V?lez M?laga. Tel: 952 503 697.
Vi?a M?laga II. Specialising in barbecued meats. V?lez-M?laga. Tel: 952 505 423.
Caf?-Bar-Helader?a Buenavista. Specialising in tarts and various-flavoured ice creams. C/Del Mar, on the corner of the esplanade. Tel: 952 540 670. 29740. Torre del Mar.
Caf? de Tacuba. Special coffees and teas. Paseo de Larios, 7. 29740 Torre del Mar. Tel: 952 547 818.

Hotel Molino de Santill?n. Tel: 902 120 240.
Hotel Husa Mainake (4*). Prolongaci?n C/Copo, beside the Avenida Tor? Tor?. 29740. Torre del Mar. Tel: 952 547 246 Fax 952 541 543.
Apartamentos tur?sticos Villas del Mediterr?neo. Caleta de V?lez. 29740. Torre del Mar. Tel: 952 511 376.
Hotel Miraya. C/Patr?n Veneno, 6. 29740. Torre del Mar. Tel: 952 545 969 Fax: 952 545 515.
Hostal Generalife. C/Patr?n Veneno, 22. 29740. Torre del Mar. Tel: 952 543 309.
Hostal Esperanza. C/Ctra. M?laga-Almer?a Km. 261. 29740. Benajarafe. Tel: 952 513 123.
Camping naturista Almanat. A. del Mediterr?neo (E-15) Salida 274. Almayate. Tel/Fax. 952 556 271.

Romerias to different shrines and spots are organised frequently from May to September. On September 27th, the San Miguel Feria ? in honour of the town?s patron saint - is held to coincide with the feast day of St Michael (and all the archangels). It is a good time to pay the town a visit since there is so much going on, with daytime and nighttime merrymaking, as well as a cattle fair. The people of Torre del Mar adorn the streets and give themselves over to having fun on July 26th for the feast day of the patron saints, Santiago and Santa Ana. With its maritime tradition, the town also celebrates the eve of the feast of the Virgin del Carmen, on July 15th. In the spring, the Cross Festival is held between April 27th and May 3rd, when the conquest of V?lez-M?laga by King Ferdinand is remembered. As everywhere in Andaluc?a, Holy Week processions are organised and in V?lez-M?laga many remarkably beautiful images are carried through the streets in procession.

Oil and wine play an important role in the local cuisine, a legacy of Phoenician and Moorish cooking methods, with many delicious, original dishes. Fish (especially fried fish and sardines) is king of the local cuisine. This area is also notable for its broths, stews (including one with potatoes, chick peas, green beans, aubergines, pumpkin and meat), ajoblanco and ajobacalao (made with salt cod), which is served in Holy Week. Another typical local dish is called chambao. The ingredients are chopped tomato, peppers, onions, and cucumber, drizzled with oil. Since this is a tropical fruit growing area meals are usually finished off with mango, custard apple or pawpaw.

Many leisure activities in both Torre del Mar and La Caleta de V?lez centre on the sea. There are also numerous swimming pools and public sports installations. For lovers of rural tourism inland accommodation abounds. V?lez-M?laga is also a good base for exploring the rest of the Axarqu?a area.
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