Size: 27.50 Km?
Population: Approx. 25,000
Residents known as: Rinconeros
Monuments: Cueva del Tesoro, Casa Fuerte (fortress) de Bezmiliana, Torres Almenaras (beacon towers) Cantal and Torre Benagalb?n.
Geographical situation: At the entrance to the Axarqu?a, on the eastern Costa del Sol, 12 kilometres from Malaga, at sea level.
Tourist information: Town Hall, Plaza Al-Andalus, 1. 29730.
Phone: 952 402 300 Fax: 952 402 900

Rinc?n de la Victoria was a fishing town up to twenty years ago, but at only 12 kilometres from Malaga, it has now become an important centre of both residential and seasonal tourism. One arrives on the Autov?a del Mediterr?neo, heading towards Motril and turning off at La Cala del Moral, or keeping to the autov?a. The N-340 road passes through the town, and even from here one can see that this was once a typical fishing town on the coast. The municipality covers an area of 30 square kilometres, and offers something for everybody: lots of hotels, restaurants and bars, ten kilometres of coastline for water sports or simply lying in the sun, an excellent golf course and other sporting facilities. The 18-hole A?oreta Golf Course, designed by Jose Mar?a Ca?izares, is on the border with Torre de Benagalb?n, and is considered one of the best in Spain. The paseo mar?timo (esplanada) that links La Cala del Moral with Rinc?n is seven kilometres long, and from here there are wonderful views over Malaga Bay. There are chiringuitos (beach bars and restaurants) on the beach, where one can eat fresh fish or have a drink. One of the old traditions that has not yet been lost in Rinc?n de la Victoria is net fishing on the beaches in the early morning. A net of about 40 or 50 metres long is thrown into the water by a group of men, who make a wide circle with it, gradually pulling it in to the beach again full of fish, if they are lucky. This is a sight that is seldom seen in other parts of Europe, and well worth getting out of bed early for.

Restaurante Merendero El Boticario. Specialising in fish and seafood. P? Mar?timo Nuestra Se?ora del Carmen. Tel: 952 404 652.
Restaurante Bernardo. Specialising in seafood. Paseo Mar?timo Blas Infante, s/n. Tel: 952 404 734.
Restaurante Campanillas. Family atmosphere. Specialising in fish and seafood. Avda. del Mediterr?neo, s/n. Tel.952 403 613.
Taberna de Manolo. Specialising in tapas. C/ Granada s/n. Tel: 908 84 19 61.
Restaurante Maribel. Specialising in fried fish. Avda. Blas Infante, 5. Tel: 952 404 842. Cala del Moral.
Taberna Casa Eduardo. Specialising in flamenquines, scrambled egg, salmorejo and tapas. Avda. del Mediterr?neo. Tel: 952 971 614.

Hotel Elimar (3*). Avenida del Mediterr?neo, 168 and 230. Tel: 952 401 227 and 952 402 161. 29730. Rinc?n de la Victoria.
Hotel Rinc?nsol (3*). Avenida del Mediterr?neo, 174. Tel: 952 401 100. 29730. R. de la Victoria.
Hotel Nuestra Se?ora de la Victoria. Tel: 952 406 200. 29730. R. de la Victoria.
Hotel Maria Cristina (2*). Avenida de M?laga, 18. Cala del Moral. Tel: 952 408 317.

With four distinct urban areas in the municipality, Rinc?n de la Victoria has many festivals throughout the year. As a fishing town, the principal festival is the Virgen del Carmen on July 16th. This begins with mass in the church, and then the Virgen is carried on her throne by the fishermen to the beach. There a boat is waiting, decorated with flowers, and the Virgen is brought on board. With fireworks going off, the boat sails up the coast, escorted by many others. In recent years the ancient J?begas Regattas have been held again in La Cala and Rinc?n. The j?bega is a type of Mediterranean boat dating back many centuries that is rowed by a team of seven, and a helmsman. Benagalb?n has its own festival in honour of its patron saint on February 2nd, the same day as the Festival of the Candelaria. The Torre de Benagalb?n area celebrates its festival of San Juan on June 23rd, when the beaches are illuminated by bonfires and sardines are roasted on the spit. At the point of midnight, the people bathe in the sea to purify their spirit and make a wish for the year to come.

The big dish in Rinc?n de la Victoria in summertime is the boquer?n vitoriano, the Victoria anchovy, although all fried fish is cooked here all the year around. Another way of cooking fish here is with rice. Somewhat in from the coast one finds the more traditional country fare of Andaluc?a: fried breadcrumbs, beef, kid or goat, all washed down by the excellent Moclinejo wine. Moscatel grapes or avocado pears are often eaten here as dessert, and there is a wide selection of pastries made locally.

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