Size: 58.50 Km?
Population: Approx. 3,500
Residents known as: Perianenses
Monuments: Church of San Isidro Labrador, Lavadero (washing place) de la Cruz, Moorish Baths and the Almazara.
Geographical situation: In the interior of the Axarqu?a, 23 kilometres from V?lez and 58 from Malaga, at 547 metres above sea level.
Tourist information: Town Hall, Plaza de Andaluc?a, 1. 29710.
Phone: 952 536 167 Fax: 952 536 276

There are two ways to get to Periana. One can take the road through the Mountains of Malaga, a winding country road that passes through Colmenar to bring us to Periana. The second is the most suitable if we leave from the Axarqu?a, since it starts from V?lez, bringing us by the Vi?uela road and the Puente de Don Manuel cross roads, where we turn to the left and follow the route to the town. The municipality is in a privileged position in the Axarqu?a region, in a valley surrounded by hills with an abundance of water that feeds the cultivated plots below. This has created a micro-climate that has attracted settlers from pre-historic times. We know this from remains found in the Cerro de la Alcolea, at 731 metres above sea level and facing Mondr?n; the Neolithic site at the Cerro del Fuerte and the Marchamonas area, situated to the north of Periana. During the Moorish domination, hamlets like Mondr?n and the Ba?os de Vilo existed in what is now the urban centre, and the water from these baths was used for medicinal purposes. At that time Periana was probably a farmhouse that grew into a series of defensive fortresses, one on the hill of Santana and another more southerly in a place called Pereiro, the origin of the town?s present-day name. But it was not until the end of the 18th century, in 1761 to be exact, that the area became an independent municipality. Until then it had been under the jurisdiction of V?lez, and in an even earlier period, of Riogordo. With independence came the conversion of the hermitage into a parish church. An earthquake in 1884 destroyed a large part of the town, and it was subsequently re-constructed with aid from the rest of the country and abroad. In our time Periana is a prospering agricultural town, famous for its olive oil and peaches. In fact, its annual peach festival is considered to be one of the best of its kind in Spain.

Restaurante de la Villa Tur?stica. Tel: 952 536 222
Bar Cuenca (Mondr?n). Tel: 952 537 842
Bar Hrnos. Moreno (Mondr?n) Tel: 952 537 837
Bar Verdugo. Paseo Buenavista 37. Periana. Tel: 952 536 069
Bar Barrancos. Camino de V?lez, 37. Periana. Tel: 952 536 143
Mes?n Rinc?n. Paseo Buenavista. Periana. Tel: 952 536 455
Taberna Casa Esparraguito. Situated in Los Ba?os de Vilo, at only 200 metres from the spa. Here one can have wines and tapas of the region, with other dishes available on reservation. These might include asparagus soup, rabbit in garlic, rice broth or other local delicacies for which the town has become well known. Ba?os de Vilo, s/n. Tel: 952 536 257.
El Alambique. Camino de V?lez, 12. Periana. Tel: 952 536 021. Old aguardiente factory that used traditional methods of production.
Disco-Pub Kaya. Coffee, drinks and imported beers, as well as international cocktails. Disc-jockey at weekends. Open every day from 12 noon. Paseo Bellavista,14.
Leoncio. Camino de V?lez, 32. Periana. Tel: 952 536 047.

Villa Tur?stica de la Axarqu?a. Situated on the laneway to the Cortijo Blanco, three kilometres from Periana. From here there are beautiful views over the reservoir of La Vi?uela and the surrounding mountains. There are 14 double bedrooms complete with private bathrooms, six house/apartments with bedroom, bathroom and terrace, and 20 house/apartments with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and terrace. All have satellite television, mini bars, air conditioning and central heating. The Villa also has a reception area, cafeteria and bar, two conference rooms, a restaurant, shop, swimming pool, two tennis courts, gardens and an ecological plot. One can practice many sporting activities, including four by four excursions, riding, cycling and trekking. Telephone and Fax 952 53 62 22.
Conjunto Rural La Jara. Situated 1,500 metres from the town, on the station road. Tel: 952 522 389.
Rural accommodation and farmhouses. Alquiler Axarqu?a Rural (Periana) Tel: 952 536 460.

The festive calendar in Periana begins at the end of March with the D?a del Aceite Verdial, which was recently inaugurated with the aim of making the olive oil extracted from the Olivo Verdial in the Periana area better known. These olive trees are centuries old and produce an oil that is golden coloured and with a uniquely sweet flavour. The Feria of San Isidro, patron saint of the town, takes place from May 14th to 16th, a festival in which the saint?s image is carried through the streets in procession and the people of the place throw flowers and wheat from the balconies. There are also games, dancing and music, and a romer?a in the countryside with food for all. Another popular festival is the Feria del Melocot?n, taking place on the third weekend in August. All who participate in the festival are awarded with a peach from the locality. Periana is an excellent place to practice riding, trekking and nautical sports, or to simply stay in and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

The gastronomy of Periana is mainly the broths made with cod, the asparagus soup, the gazpachos, salads, fried breadcrumbs, mushrooms and almond sauces. A speciality of the area is the parpucha, as the cod in honey omelettes are known. Pork and its derivatives are important in the local cuisine too, and all these dishes are prepared in olive oil produced locally. For dessert, there is nothing quite as delicious as the peaches of the area, along with other fruits like pears and oranges, or the excellent sheep and goat cheeses that are made locally.

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