Size: 54,7 Km?
Population: Approx. 3,000
Residents known as: Compete?os
Monuments: Church of La Asunci?n, Hermitages of San Sebasti?n and San Ant?n, Barrio Grana.
Geographical situation: In the Axarqu?a, 27.8 kilometres from V?lez and 62 from Malaga, at 638 metres above sea level.
Tourist information: Town Hall, C/San Antonio, 1. 29754.
Phone: 952 516 006 Fax: 952 516 381.

The best way to get to C?mpeta from Malaga is to take the Autov?a del Mediterr?neo and head for V?lez. Once there, take the road to Algarrobo, passing through Sayalonga to reach C?mpeta. C?mpeta is a key point on the Ruta de la Pasa y el Vino (the Route of the Raisin and Wine) of the Axarqu?a. Its main industry is agriculture, especially the cultivation of grapes, and the wine produced in the region, dry and sweet and known as "vino de C?mpeta", has gained a reputation for excellence that goes far beyond the borders of the municipality. The other great product of this area is the raisin. It is produced in a traditional way with all the climatic conditions necessary for top quality raisins: sun, fresh air and good grapes.
The name of the town derives from the Latin Compita-Orum, which means "the crossing of the ways" or "the meeting place", and this was the meeting place where the Romans celebrated certain festivals and did business in. The town centre, known locally as the Cornice of the Mediterranean, covers one side of the Sierra de Almijara mountains, with the result that the streets are steep with steps in many places. It is also recommended that visitors leave their cars outside the town centre and walk. A good place to start one?s visit to the town would be calle Barranco Grana, which has won various urban-embellishment prizes, or calle San Sebasti?n, which brings us to the higher part of the town where the views over the town and the surrounding countryside are spectacular. The Plaza de Almijara is also an essential visit, the Town Hall and Church of La Encarnaci?n being situated here.

Restaurante-Bar Perico. Specialising in home cooking, chicken in C?mpeta wine, kid in almond sauce and other dishes. Plaza Almijara, 4.C?mpeta. Tel: 952 516 043.
Restaurante-Bar La Rubia. Specialising in cod, kid and rabbit. International cuisine. Set menu available. Plaza Pantale?n Romero, 2. C?mpeta. Tel: 952 516 028.
Restaurante-Asador Museo del Vino. Avenida de la Constituci?n.Tel: 952 553 314.
Cortijo de Paco. Avenida de la Canillas s/n. Tel: 952 553 421.
Restaurante El Pil?n. Tel: 952 553 512.
Restaurante-Bar Perico. Plaza de la Almijara.
Pizzer?a Voy Volando. C/San Antonio. Tel: 952516 626.
Bar-Restaurante La Roca.Tel: 952 516 124.
Bar Marcos. Avenida de Sayalonga.Tel: 952 516 259.

Alberdini Complex. Loma de la Cuadra. Tel: 952 516 241.
Hotel Balc?n de C?mpeta. C/San Antonio. Tel: 952 553 535. Internet
Casa la Cantarera Apartments. C/San Antonio, 16. Tel: 952 553 577.
Rural Houses. Plaza Almijara, 2. Tel: 952 553 301.

One of the biggest festivals in the town takes place in August. This is the Noche del Vino, the Night of the Wine, and the celebrations begin in the morning at the Avenida de Torrox, where wine, fried breadcrumbs, salad and cod is handed out to everybody. This goes on until about three of four in the afternoon, and later on the flamenco music begins, with wine dished out of a huge barrel in the square.

The specialities of the town include fried breadcrumbs, fennel soups and fried pumpkin, although the most famous food product of the town is raisins, along with the semi-sweet wine of the area.

There are a number of trekking routes in the municipality, of varying degrees of difficulty. The first of these routes brings us to the area known as the Venta Pradillos. It is classified as being of medium difficulty, and should take about five hours to complete. The shortest route is to the Casa de la Mina, and is easy. A third route will take us into the C?mpeta-Maroma mountain area, classified as being very difficult and taking about seven hours.
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