Size: 5.70 Km?
Population: Approx. 3.000
Residents known as: Benamocarre?os
Monuments: Plaza de El Calvario, Plaza de la Constituci?n, Church of Santa Ana.
Geographical situation: In the interior of the Axarqu?a, 5 kilometres from V?lez and 41 from Malaga, at 126 metres above sea level.
Tourist information: Town Hall, C/ Zarzuela, 46. 29719.
Phone: 952 509 534 Fax: 952 509 570

Benamocarra is easy to get to from most surrounding areas. The most direct route from Malaga is by the Autov?a del Mediterr?neo towards V?lez, turning off at the Macharaviaya or V?lez access and arriving at Benamocarra about half way between both. As we approach we can see the town as a patch of white against the darker mountainside. Its layout is typical of the Axarqu?a: low whitewashed houses and narrow, winding streets. In the centre of the town is calle Pilar, so named because of the three pillars or fountains in the street, two of them together. Other interesting places in the town centre are calle de Cristo Portal, the Plaza del Labrador and the Barrio de San Isidro, which is the working-class area of the town. Eduardo Oc?n, one of the most important of the 20th century Spanish composers, was born in Benamocarra, and last year was the centenary of his death. A series of activities organised to coincide with his birthday, February 28th, was organised around that date. One of the legends of the town concerns its patron saint, the Cristo de la Salud, whose image as the Cristo de Torre del Mar, it is said, saved the people of Benamocarra from a fatal cholera epidemic. It happened at the beginning of the 19th century when cholera broke out in the region. It soon spread to Benamocarra, and helpless in the face of such potential tragedy, the people of the place turned to the Cristo de Torre del Mar and carried the image to the town itself. When they tried to brought it back to its place of origin, they discovered it got heavier as it was carried further, which is not in itself unusual, but on being brought back towards the town, it got lighter. This was interpreted as a sign that the image wished to remain in the town.

La Posada de Manuela. Specialising in grilled meats. C/Zarzuela. Tel: 952 509 904.
Bar Porras. Home cooking. C/Andaluc?a, 26. Tel: 952 509 739.
Bares de tapas
Caf? El Lugar. C/M?laga, 1. Caf? Bar El Comare?o. Plaza del Calvario, 17. Tel: 952 509 658. Caf? Bar El Parque. C/Iznate, 4. Caf? Bar El Coni. C/Doctor G?mez Clavero, 20.

Hotel Cerro la Jaula. Cerro la Jaula. Tel: 952 535 685.

One of the most traditional festivals in Benamocarra is the Romer?a de San Isidro, which takes place on May 15th or the nearest weekend to this date.The procession begins near the Recinto Ganadero and ends at the Coto Escolar. The entire town participates in these celebrations, beginning with the carrying of the image of San Isidro from the hermitage to the church at night. On the following day a float is decked out with flowers by the people after the mass, and the romer?a begins. A meal for all is prepared in the countryside and there is dancing and other activities. They all return to the town in the evening and there is another procession through the streets, the day ending with fireworks by night. The festival of La Candelaria is held on September 7th and 8th, in which candles and home-made torches are lit. The biggest festival of the Benamocarra calendar, in honour of the Sant?simo Cristo de la Salud, takes place on the third weekend of October.

Among the most traditional dishes in Benamocarra is the coles more?, which is cabbage cooked in olive oil with garlic, pepper, black pudding and sausage. Other dishes of the area are the pot stew with chickpeas and white beans, garlic soups and gazpacho fried with flour and vinegar until it forms a mass that is then fried like doughnuts and whitened with sugar. It is the most delicious of all the Benamocarra dishes.

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