Size: 12.10 Km?
Population: Approx. 1.600
Residents known as: Benamargose?os
Monuments: Church of La Encarnaci?n.
Geographical situation: In the Axarqu?a, 11 kilometres from V?lez and 46 from Malaga.
Tourist information: Town Hall, Plaza Ayuntamiento, s/n. 29718.
Phone: 952 517 002 Fax: 952 517 271

To reach Benamargosa from Malaga one takes the Autov?a towards V?lez and turns off for Macharaviaya, the fairly flat road from here bringing us to Benamargosa. The municipality is only 90 metres above sea level, situated in the valley of the river Benamargosa, which is known as The Cave from its source to its arrival in the town. Benamargosa is also watered by the streams named the Carvajal and the C?tar, with the Mar?n gully leading into the town too. The layout of the streets and houses still maintains its old charm, with narrow, winding streets and low houses whitewashed and decorated with flowers. A stroll through the centre of the town is a must for any visitor, and the most interesting streets are calles Bonita, Algarrobo and Real. If we head up to the Barrio del Calvario, we are awarded with a beautiful view of the entire village. Not much is known about the origins of the town, although its Arabic name - Ber-Ha-Maruxa - tells us that it was certainly there in Moorish times. In more recent times the town has been known as Gibraltar Chico, or Little Gibraltar. During the Spanish Civil War, we are informed by the older people of the town, the main commercial activity of the place was tobacco smuggling. The townspeople would have the tobacco leaves brought from the Granada fields and would make their own cigarettes, exporting their excess produce to Malaga and other Andalusian provinces. In our own day the main business of the area is agriculture, with different crops growing in different areas of the municipality. Raisins, almonds and olives are grown in the northern, more mountainous part, while the more fertile and better irrigated southern part is rich in citric fruits, avocado pears and tropical fruits. This area was the first in the entire region to experiment with tropical fruits, in fact, and now there is quite a large area in which mangos and kiwi fruit is grown.

Restaurante-Pensi?n Los Pepes. Specialising in garlic soup and country-style fillets. Arroyo Alpech?n.Tel: 952 517 029. Benamargosa.
Restaurante-Bar R?os. Specialising in home cooking. Carrera Riogordo. Tel: 952 517 212.

Pensi?n Los Pepes. Arroyo Alpech?n.Tel: 952 517 029. Benamargosa.

Benamargosa celebrates its patron saint?s day - that of San Sebasti?n - on January 20th, when the so-called Saint?s Butlers open their doors to the people of the place with eating and drinking going on into the late hours. In summer there is the Cultural Week, and the festival of Corpus Cristi is very important to the town. As is common in most Andalusian towns at this time, the streets are decked out in flowers, and images of Christ and the Virgen are set up in little altars at the entrances to the houses and patios, and in the squares. In the Good Friday procession during Holy Week, the Cofrad?a (a type of brotherhood) of Nuestra Se?ora de los Dolores accompanies Our Lord Jesus through the streets in silence.

As main producer of avocado pears in the region, this fruit is included in most of the town?s best-known dishes. There is also a sweet drink made from it. Other dishes of the area include garlic soup, tomato soup, gazpacho and many other dishes made from local produce. The most traditional dessert is the home-made bread cakes, for which the town is well known.

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