Size: 20 Km?
Population: Approx. 500
Residents known as: Alfarnatejones
Monuments: Parish church of Santo Cristo de Cabrilla, Sabar River gorge, G?mer cliffs.
Geographical situation: In the northern part of the Axarqu?a, 50 kms from Malaga, at 858 metres above sea level.
Tourist information: Town Hall, C/P?sito, 2. 29194.
Phone: 952 759 286 Fax: 952 759 360

Alfarnatejo is a beautiful little place in the northern part of the Axarqu?a, 36.5 kms from V?lez. Being so high above sea level, there it is a wonderful contrast in this area between the stone and the humid vegetation, and the place has earned itself the name of "The Pyrenees of the South". Surrounding the town are peaks reaching to more than a thousand metres, such as the Pico del Chamizo to the west, at 1,637 metres high; the Pico del Gallo to the east at 1,556 metres or the Vilo peak at 1,412 metres. This is a unique area of Malaga province, with its mountain terrain and its distance from the capital making it an ideal hide-away for bandits in the end of the 19th century.
The urban centre, where only 500 people live, makes for an agreeable and tranquil life-style, where all the streets are of some interest to visitors. The most interesting building in the town, nevertheless, is the parish church of Santo Cristo de la Cabrilla. Around the town we also have the most spectacular cliffs of the province, those of G?mer, Do?a Ana and Alto del Fraile. The road from Colmenar to Alfarnatejo - the regional 340 - offers a wide range of colour in its oak, cereal and olive trees. We can also see from here, high in the mountains that extend to the Sierra de Tejeda, small white farmhouses in the distance. The history of the area goes back a very long way, to prehistoric times. A number of Neolithic remains have been found in the River Sabar gorge, and to the south, in the 1,129 metre-high G?mer cliffs, domestic objects in use - according to the archaeologists - some 5,000 years ago have been discovered. The evolution of the town has always been linked to that of its close neighbour, Alfarnate, from which it separated in the 18th century. The original town was probably a farmhouse that grew into an urban centre in Moorish times, beside the Sabar castle whose ruins are still evident on the peak of the Alto del Fraile.

Los Pirineos de la Costa del Sol. Specialising in kid and bread crumbs. C/ Padre Arzaiz,1. Tel: 952 759 333.
Venta San Miguel. Home cooking. C/Puentesabar .Tel: 952 111 742.
Venta La Fuente. Home cooking. Pulgar?n .Tel: 952 031 050.
Bar Pascual. C/Real, 11. Tapas and home cooking. Tel: 952 759 313.
Bar Barroso. Tapas. Pza. de la Constituci?n, 6 .Tel: 952 759 321.

Rural accommodation
Cortijo Pulgar?n Bajo. A farmhouse converted to rural tourism five kilometres from the town, in the heart of the mountains. It consists of two housing units with capacity for five and eight people. Tel: 952 462 305. Internet
Casa rural Francisco Molina. Tel: 952 462 305.
Casa rural Antonio and Jos? Al?s. Tel: 952 732 209/10.
Casa rural Jos? Alba. Tel: 952 111 011.
Casa rural T?o Jos?. Tel: 952 732 512.

Alfarnatejo begins its festival programme with the Festival of the Candelaria, in the beginning of February, in which the entire town participates. This is followed by the Romer?a de San Marcos in the springtime, taking place on May 15th, and another festival of the same name on April 25th. But the really big one takes place on September 29th, this being in honour of San Miguel and Santo Cristo de la Cabrilla. Here there is free wine, musical performances, theatre for the kids, the traditional verdiales (musical performances) and sporting activities, all quite apart from the purely religious aspects of the festival. The most important of these is the procession of San Miguel and Santo Cristo de la Cabrilla, one of the few in which no sculptured images are carried, the image being painted on a large canvas.

The best way to sample the excellent gastronomy of the area is to head for one of the tapas bars and have the home-made pork dishes, such as sausage or pudding. This should be followed by a plate of kid fried in garlic, bread crumbs, or mushrooms. For soup lovers, Alfarnatejo offers its very savoury chickpea stew, really exquisite. For those who like a lighter meal, there is the watercress or hard-boiled egg salad with mint and garlic. And for dessert, nothing beats the traditional San Marco doughnuts.

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