—Ventas and verdiales

The explorer who walks along its different trails will notice beautiful landscapes in their natural viewpoints. The singular fauna is made up of wi!d cats, wild boars, chameleons, short-toed eagles, but the most difficult to see is the eagle owl because of its night habits. It is the largest bird of prey in the area. Visitors not used to trek can also enjoy views and meals. There are many picturesque restaurants known as Ventas where is possible to taste typical dishes. Those typical dishes are made up of pork products and local wine, sweet or semi sweet. That wine comes from the vines of Malaga's area, plenty also of winepresses. There are some very popular ventas such as Cardenas, El Boticario, Galwey, built following the traditional way one century ago. Some of them have been shelter of Bandoleros. Other feature of this area is music. Verdiales is the name of the popular traditional music. This typical dance of Malaga is shown above all in the feast of San Juan, Santiago and the 28th of December. The most common sounds are the violin and the tambourine played by locals while singing and dancing in the so-called pandas. The best moment of a verdiales festival is when pandas start to pisy one in front of the other. Traditional rhythms and choreographies have survived generation after generation.

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