—Montes de Malaga

Malaga is still a healthy place thanks to the natural areas around that work as the lungs of the city, Further than the botanic park Finca de la Concepcion, La Consula and El Retire, the mountains of Malaga stand behind the city as the guards of health and welfare. This is a place where people find leisure and relax. The history of this mountainous spot is very long. It limits with the so-called Hoya de Malaga and that takes up the right basin of river Guadalmedina. The woods there, found long time ago, were cut down for economic reasons with the Reconquista. The term Reconquista refers to the eight centuries during which the Christian kings of the Spanish kingdoms gradually reclaimed their country from the Moors. From this time then on many floods raze to the ground the city during centuries. A series of tragedies that were solved thanks to the reforestation with pine trees which recovered the huge ecologic value of that natural spot.

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