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Malaga gastronomy is based on a simple elaboration, quality products, wisdom and good taste to prepare dishes. Granted, there is a wide offer of restaurants that offer menus from all along the world. Let's focus on those recipes that with little modifications have passed generation after generation and table after table. Thsnks to the sun and its friend the warm that are always present in Malaga province peopie prefers cool dishes to face the summer that last almost the whole year. For this reason, gazpacho that means miscellanea is the starter of a great meai. It was born from the idea of farmers to use wisely all the products to make something nourishing and tasty at the same time. Gazpacho is a cool tomato soup with oiive oil, pepper, cucumber. A similar dish is ajoblanco, in this dish tomato is changed by smashed almonds, grapes or melon. Both are served chilled. Other starter similar to gazpacho but thicker is porra antequerana. This dish is decorated with sliced boiled egg, serrano ham and tuna. During the short winter gazpachuelo will be the substitute of those dishes. Once we star to eat the main course have to follow. Migas is a good option. This dish is made with bread, olive oil and garlic, morcilia, sausage, fried eggs and pepper. This dish was born in the valley of the river Guadahorce. Citrus fruits are the garnish of perota soups (olive oil, tomato and pepper), though some people prefer it with onion, olives, melon or water melon. There is no accounting for tastes. Good taste of the dishes such as kid with gariic, rabbit in pot, bull's tail cooked the way of Ronda. For those who prefer fish to meat, Costa del Sol is the best restaurant, It is the temple of recipes fished in the sea. Fried fish, espetos, boiled or grilled prawns, anchovies in vinegar and other fried fish. For desserts we have in the menu specialities such as angelorum, yolks and almond cake. Some recipes iike the one of bienmesabe is kept in a church. Some other lovely desserts are prepared by cloistered nuns of beien and descalzas with passion and care. Authentic delicacies served with humbleness through a small window open for a few seconds in the main gate. To sum up, Malaga gastronomy is a delicious temptation difficult to avoid. Enjoy your meal.

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