—Where to eat

Granted, to eat is one of the best pleasures in our life. Going out to have a meal is ideal to enjoy with friends, to have job meetings and to party. Costa del Sol has countless places for those gastronomy celebrations. Ranging from haut cuisine restaurants to small and charming bistros where home cooking is offered. Fish and seafood is common in Spanish tables because of the coastal gastronomic tradition. The way of cooking is the point that makes the difference among seafood restaurants and chiringuitos; lobster with rice, angler fish soup and Isrded tuna. There is also a good offer for meat lovers such as roast pork, bull tail, sirloin with pepper sauce, some options as garnishing are fried aubergine or spicy potatoes. If we want to have traditional food then the best idea is to go to a venta, there the menu is loin in lard, lean with tomato, or hard pork sausage. Vegetarians will also have their own ecologic menu in restaurants that work the Nouvelle Cuisine or author cuisine. This last option combines art and gastronomy. The dish presentation is always original and designed to underline the taste of the delicacy but also decorated with some appropriated seasoning. The international cuisine is represented as well in Malaga by a wide offer: tastes from Italy, Africa, Greece and France. The regional cuisine from Galicia, Castilia or Valencia is a!so a permanent feature of Malaga restaurants. A wide menu for all the tastes where is important to highlight the historic tapa. It appeared during the kingdom ofAlfonso X el Sabio, who ordered to serve wine always with an appetizer to reduced the alcohol effects. The tapa was a cheese portion or a ham slice, or any other sausage, placed over a mug or a glass where wine was served to prevent the entrance of insects. Later on, some other dishes have become suitable for tapas if they are served in tittle portions such as potatoes omeiette and meat with sauce. Having tapas here and there is part of our gastronomy.

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