—Pescaito Frito

At the end of the 60s and beginning of the 70s not only the Carihuela but also Torremolinos became worldwide famous because of this expression. The small clams called coquinas, sea bass, squids, skewer (fried or with salt), these delicacies became a typical meal for tourists. Visit the Costa del Sol and never taste the "pescaito frito" is an incomplete tasting of the Malaga gastronomy. The skewer of sardine needs an special mention: a line of this rich fish, inserted and served in a stick and grilled in provisional kitchens which are small and typical fishing boats located along the maritime avenue, where you can spend a good time tasting them. This is an extra attraction of these rich products born in the sea. There is a list of restaurants usually located in the beaches from Nerja to Estepona where you will perfectly understand the expression "directly from the sea to the table". Our palate will be pleased!

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