—Chestnut, Autumn Delight

When leaves fall from the trees of the Genal Valley as a signal of start, laborers begin the recollection of the chestnut, the most important product in autumn within Malaga. This is an authentic ambrosia that can be presented in many different ways but all of them delicious: chestnut liquor, candied chestnut, chestnut in syrup, chestnut soup, chestnut flour, frozen chestnut And of course the roasted chestnuts that pervade the street of the center with its smelt when autumn is commencing. The Gena! chestnut is recollected just at the beginning of autumn because it is an early fruit, and it is also the first to arrive to the European and Spanish market. This is a dried chestnut very rich for cooking as a result of a graft, and it is characterized by its larger size, by the less prickly texture that covers it and by the easy way of peeling it. Other type of chestnut is the wild chestnut aiming at the cattle feeding as it is low in gastronomic value It covers, together with the dried one, 3.500 Ha. of several inner villages such us Igualeja, Cartajima, Pujerra, Hubrique, Farajan, Parauta and Genalguadl. Recollection and commercialization of this chestnut is managed by neighbors of these villages giving place to the creation of a cooperative. We are talking about a tradition, an ancient activity, that drove them to include this product into their dishes, sometimes accompanied with meat or mixed with vegetables of this land too.

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