—Vineyard Land, Wine from Malaga

Grape: this is the ultimate symbol of Malaga. It is sure that the viticulture is the most popular activity in Malaga. The extensive and centenaries vineyards have seen the growing of Malaga, at the same time that the development of its exploitation evolves. This way, people from Malaga have lived during centuries in a culture of wine, of their wine, the wine from Malaga. We can demonstrate so many ages if we remember that the first historical testimony of the elaboration of wine in Malaga dated from the Low Roman Empire. This is a prismatic tank for fermentation find out in Cartama, 30 km. far from the city. This rich activity of the province was controlled in 1502 thanks to the Catholic Kings' decision to create a Hermandad de Vineros, what we nowadays cali Consejo Regulador de la Denominacion de Origen "Malaga" and "Sierra de Malaga", one of the oldest in the country. From that moment, the importance of tnis delicious nectar extended the Spanish frontiers year by year. This is why, in 1791, the Spanish Emperor in Moscow, Mr. Galvez, gave as a present two cases of wine from Malaga for the Czarina and Empress of Russia, Catalina II. The Doradiila is the native grape of the north of Malaga, with early variety and high yield. In this area it is also cuitivated the Muscatel Morisco that produce very perfumed wines. In the occidental coast, in the Monies de Malaga and the Axsrquia is cultivated the Muscatel de Malaga that stands out because of its high level of quality and special aromatic characteristics. This grape is not only used for producing wine but also for producing table wine and raisin. Other important variety of grape Muscatel is Pedro Ximenez, very typical in the mountains and in the north areas because of its grape power for elaborating traditional wines from Malaga. The last one, the Rome, is typical in the Axarquia and it could be white or red. The Muscate! variety produces sweet wines, which are tne most typical in Malaga. The most important one is the Malaga Virgen.

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