—Oil, The Liquid Gold

Oil and bread, this is the most easy and healthy cuisine not only for people from Malaga but also for Spaniards The extra Virgin Olive Oil is full of healthy properties for our organism and of course it is delicious. In the kitchen, the olive oil is the star, giving taste and aroma to the dishes whether it is used raw for dressing salads or as an ingredient for cooking. Of course, the olive oil is the king of the Malaga cuisine regarding the fried food, a very typical dish in the province. Precisely, the extra Virgin Olive Oil is the only oil that can achieve temperatures up to 200 degrees without loosing the physiological and nutritive characteristics. This tasty golden liquid has to undergo several phases that begin with the recollection of the olive, then it is crushed, and it finishes with the separation of the liquid and solid phase and finally it is spun and after filtered. probably, the Hojiblanca is the most known olive. It is reduced in a cooperative that use an olive oil variety cultivated in the north of Malaga, although it also extends to other provinces such us Granada, Seville and above all, Cordoba. The result is a very soft and excellent quality oil, with colors between yellow and green depending on the time of collection Other variety is the Verdial, cultivated in Velez-Malaga and in the Center-South of Malaga, with an extension of 21.000 Ha. This is a sweet and soft oil with an old red color, that can achieve an extraordinary quality.

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