—The Good Eating, God's Whim

Those who taste the gastronomy of our land are each day more convinced that Gods, looking for the good eating, transformed mountain ranges, meadows and valleys into their picnic, in a try to taste the delicacies of the land. For beginning, they looked for seasoning in Velez Malaga, Periana or Burgo where olives get green till the exact level of maturity. They already had the oil, Then, they wanted to look for healthy and exquisite cattle as a result of the good feeding and the slow and air free ageing. They found it in Montes, Benaojan or Algatodn, They already had blood sausage, pork loin and spiced sausage. The next step was looking for a fish of Mediterranean flavour and prepared over a low heat. They were driven to the crowded "chiringuitos" (beach stalls) by the smeit of the cooked fish. They already had the "pescaito frito" (fried fish) and the skewer. Then they realised that they did not have any drink for eating, but in Competa they found the sweet wine and in Manilva a personal white wine. This way, they visited al! the geography of Malaga till arrive to the desserts. They fooked for chestnuts between the forests of the Alto Genal. They produced a delicious honey from the ingenuous elaboration of the cane sugar in Frigiliana. And finally, from the vegetable gardens of the Guadalhorce valley they harvested fruits and found oranges. Once they were satisfied they left without even tasting the ajoblanco (fine cream with almonds, garlic and oiive oil), the migas (breadcrumbs fried in garlic) or the bienmesabe (that means simply that taste good and it is an aimonds cake) These products stayed in Malaga together with other native products and dishes that are prepared for the visitants. Here you have a God's menu!

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