—Flowers & Rehalas

A flower rain falls over Malaga and its villages in the Cruces de Mayo. interior patios, and in the streets. Those sanctuaries have a cross covered with flowers, embroidered shawls, old dishes, shells, pots, vases, fountains, flower pots and any other country implements. The streets also feature the colour of the flowers, some villages even have processions of the brotherhoods. The processions of Archidona are very different from the rest. The Desfiles de Rehalas (groups of hunter dogs) are the prelude of different activities planned for the weekend in the dogs' fair, born in 1993. This event comes from the old cattle show where many deals were made. Nowadays there are a buy-sale section for breeders and amateurs with many dog breeds. The local breeds such as Andalusian hound and the buzzard hound are shown here by means of There are shows with trained dogs of the Guardia Civil and Policia Nacional forces as well as other security and rescue groups. There are also exhibitions with birds of prey and shepherd dogs that guide sheep and gooses following the orders of the owner. This dogs' fair have been declared of national tourist interest and it gathers experts, amateurs and people who love the men's best friend.

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