—Mother of Art

Place that rocked the birth of creativity. Place that was witness of the experience growing up. Place that see how artists painted, how sculptors modeled and how writers wrote. The Malaga history comes up from the earth and it becomes known when it arrives to each people from Malaga mind and landscape, and to each tourist. This is a place of contrast. Contrast of the passing of the different civilizations marked in any point of the province, the passing of classic and modern artists whose legacy decorates museums and gives names to monuments, the passing of traditions that marked civilizations till our days, the passing of miles and miles of visitants that come to enjoy the parties. Parties and festivals that form part of the city and history cultural life, Cities of Malaga full of joy, flowers with fair smell, passion of the brotherhood members in the Ho!y Week, glamour of the film stars when they walk on the red carpet in the premiers. Contrast that gives shine to a culture inherited from the time. A time that better than pass, it people who abstracted by this culture of contrast decided to form part of it.

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