—Staying Alive

Staying alive, this is your motto for tonight. Don't forget it, keep awake, always awake. It is disco music or any of its variants: dance, techno, house... Multicolour lights, rhythm, music and a dance floor to dance all night !ong. Get ready to wear down your shoes soles with the best people. In Malaga clubs time does not run, here is always time to enjoy and have fun. We have plenty of atmospheres and music so you can choose your own rhythm. If your choice is to dive in the most selected atmospheres then La Notts and Olivia Vatere are a good example of good music and nice scenarios such as the luxury Paiacio de Babilonia. If you like the scene, go straight on to Torremolinos. Do not waste your time, fun is waiting for you. Palladium or Passion are your destination for the longest night. Imagination and coiour until dawn and further away without respite. For those who want to complete the whole night club route of the province on the way to Marbella, Benalmadena and specially Puerto Marina is the next stop. The pubs of the Plaza Solymar are the most popular ones in Benalmadena. Anyway the place to finish the night should be in Puerto Banus, Marbella. Many things to live just in one night, a lot of dance but keep awake, don't stop moving, the day will come anyway.

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