—Old Malaga

If the visitor walks along the street Ca//e Alcazabilla he will finally get into the old city. It is an Arab defensive whole divided in two separate structures, the Castle of Gibraifaro and the Alcazaba. The Roman Theatre rests on the slopes under this whole as a remain of the cultural magnificence that Malaga lived under the Empire. To get into the Alcazaba, there is a paved ramp enclosed by massive walls built at the beginning of the llth century. The same walls also enclose the whole though any buiiding has its own entrance. The archaeological museum Museo Arqueologico Provincial is inside the Aicazaba. If the visitor passes under the gate Puerta de los Arcos, he wiil arrive to the nazari palace enclosed into an old quarter dated on the 13th and 14th centuries. The famous Castle of Gibraifaro located on top of the hill had worse luck because it was blown up by the French in 1812 whiie they flee after being defeated. Other old buildings are the main market Mercado de Atarazanas. This name is a remain of the past, when there was a dockyard in the same place. There are also remains of the old wall of the city in both streets Alamos and Carreteria. All of them are part of the Muslim Malaga that hides in this land.

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