—Shopping in Malaga

Granted, Malaga is a paradise city, this sentence also refers to the paradise of fashion, There are shops of clothes, shoes and accessories. Ca//e Larios and adjacent streets are specially heavenly for fashion victims, this place is a pedestrian promenade where shops are located at both sides. Here are Spanish popular fashion shops well known for design and good quality not to forget nice prices. We will find as well many boutiques where the most prestigious brands are shown in their windows. Malaga offer represents a wide variety of brands in comparison with monographic shops in Madrid and Barcelona. We can visit some local dressmakers who sew up models tailor made, Tapioca is a good example of that. Out of Centre Historico, we can visit shopping centres to find almost anything. Some of them feature the same shops founded in the city centre. Some other are very close to the centre as Centre Comercial Larios or Centre Comercial Rosateda, Visitor must visit anyway B Corte Ingles, a Spanish franchise that follows the traditional model of integrated trade. If we want to do shopping out of Malaga city, then the options are in Rincon de la Victoria, Miramar in Fuengirola and La Canada in Marbella, the last one has the onfy Fnac shop in Malaga province. In this shop we win find any CD or book available on the market. If there is no luck there, then small specialized shops may provide us with the searched article. There are shops trading as well comics and cinema products such as pictures or posters. Regarding to Costa del Sol, Ca/te San Migue/ in Torremolinos is a comprehensive market that good buyers should have in their guides. The same happens with Marbella oid centre where Plaza de los Naranjos is the meeting point. If visitors are looking for a bargain, then the perfect place is one of the several street markets along the coast, the one in Marbella is the most popular. To visit some local products shop where we will taste typical products of this province: olive oil, wine, molasses and local sweets such as bienmesabe ortorta de aceite, very popular in this province.

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