—Equestrian Art

Can a horse dance? The answer is yes. It dances to the music, with the horseman and the bull. In its dancing movements it shows its proud bearing. Walk, trot or galiop. Spanish step, Piaffe, or Passage. Cabriolas or jumps, Everything is part of the dance when the horse enters the ring. Upright, proud, elegant and powerful. We are not speaking about any kind of horse, but the pure Spanish horse, also called Andalusian horse. It is well known as the most intelligent horse breed and also the fastest one in teaming. Nobody can remain indifferent to the nobility of the Spanish horses' character and the harmony of its movements. Its beauty decorates and illuminates the equestrian show. At the Costa del Sol, this equine magic can not be missing, nor the "High School Carousel", nor "Fantasy of Fairs". During these exercises the horse dances with the rider, connected by a perfect synchronization of movements and music. The "Rhythm on horse" of the equestrian club, dub Hipico el Ranch/to, is a show that has been of high importance for years, presented during the Day of the Tourist celebrated in Torremolinos. Another unique show in Spain and abroad, includes in its choreography power of the black toro bravo. An exceptional fighting bull called "Gorrion". An animaT of 500 kilos weight that charges skilfully into the arena of the Finca el Cartujsno But without "bad intentions". Because Gorrion is the only known domesticated toro bravo. Outside the ring he follows his trainer peacefully at some steps distance, Whereas during the show he obeys the orders given; he charges the cape, or falls to the ground as if he had been stabbed to death. When the show is over, he will leave the arena by his own foot, together with the rest of riders and horses. Heels and hooves, an artistical and original combination, have stepped on the sand of the equestrian school Escuela de Arte Ecuestre de Estepona. Tradition and show have been combined in choreographies, like for example "Andalusian Way" or "Art and Feelings" where dancers on the ground and Andalusian horses move at the rhythm of flamenco music. In this school of equestrian art children have the opportunity to take riding lessons and to enjoy the Pony Club.

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