We start the engine of the kart in any of the circuits in Malaga. The sensation of speed is the same: the whistling of the wind is listened, the adrenaline goes up and the body is constantly tensed. There is no doubt that you are in an ideal place where you can feel like a champion of the Formula 1. Indeed, those places are aimed at all people, the youngest of the family wil! have the chance to enjoy a lot driving in the circuit. Granted, they will be always equipped with helmets like authentic professionals. If you pretend to be iike great professionals, you can participate in races organized by groups to compete with your friends or with other people of your same age. At the end of the race your price will be the great snack that you can taste at the karting cafeteria. However, the circuit is also opened for the most expert competitors. Here, the experienced drivers can find a competition kart or even a Formula 1 car. It is not like a car race but it is very similar. Indeed, you have the chance to face the wind with a partner if you ask for a two seats car. This way, you have the possibility to enjoy by double. Certainly, here there is no time for boring: you just have to be alert that your rival do not pass you and arrive the first to the end.

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