—Yet More Sports

Paintbail. It is very peculiar and enjoyable and for the older ones this play means go back to the time when playing to battles were the best way to spent the time. The way of playing is very simple: the group of friends is divided in two equal groups. Normally, organizers advice groups to be made of a minimum of eight people in order to be divided into four players per group. However, this is not a requirement but helps to be more enjoyable. Nevertheless, the maximum number of players is not limited, so you can even organize plays with 50 or more players per group. Each person will carry a gun (usually made of plastic but copying the real ones) that shoot paint balls to the players of the enemy group. The team that first catches the flag or achieves to eliminate all the piayers of the other team wins. It is possible that you think that paintball is a sport where physic strength is the most important condition however it is not. The most important thing is the capacity to think, organize the group and prepare the strategy. Climbing. The Torcal de Antequera In just 20 km. long, the Torcsl de Antequera house one of the best iimestone landscapes in Europe. There are four different areas; Sierra Pelada, in the East with a maximum high of 1198 meters. Torcal Alto, characterized because it posses the best area of limestone relief of the massif. It is located in the southwest and rocky crest of Las Vilaneras stands out and separate it from the Torcal Bajo. There are abundant narrow corridors. Torcal Bajo is very similar to the previous one, although less spectacular. Hillsides and gorges, which are very interesting, located in the south and delimit the shape of the place. Hot-air balloon. Do you imagine seeing everything like a bird? The higher mountain, cities, the ses...you can do it flying inside a balloon, the more romantic and more authentic way of flying where the wing drives your destiny. Although one of the usual point of depart is in Antequera, there are many other routes drawn in the air that pass above the coast or above the protected areas of Sierra de las Nieves, Grazalema and Alcornocales, in the Ronda mountain range. Hang gliding in Abdalajis. The capital of the fly is how the Abdalajis Valley is known. Located on one side, between the Guadalhorce reservoir and the Torcal de Antequera, and on the other side, between the Sierra de Huma and the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes. The Sierra de Abdalajis meets ideal climatic conditions and thermal streams that facilitate the rise of adrenaline when practicing any of the different modalities of free fly; paragliding or hang gliding.

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