The first one, Puerto Marina, is a complex formed by several artificial islands. The marina has become a residential area with an attractive architectonical construction with many hotels, restaurants and shops. This harbour has been recognized with the "Best Msrina In the World", a price given by international specialized magazines. It also posses the European Blue Flag since 1987 due to the quality of its water and services. With this curriculum vitae, many yachts and boats dock every year in the 961 dockings of the harbour. However, besides the particular navigation, Puerto Marina offers other alternatives; here, lovers of water sport could have the opportunity to participate in the annual competition of fishing tunas. In last edition the competition met 60 vessels and more than 400 fishers. Visitors can also enjoy the ecological day of the harbour when scuba divers submerge in the deep sea to explore the beauty of the bottom of the sea. In this area it is also very typical the water-skiing. However, if you are looking for luxury, you should go to Puerto Banus in MarbeSla. It has been built as a Pueblo Marino Mediterraneo (Mediterranean marine village) with capacity for 915 dockings that each year are busy with the most luxurious yachts owned by the international jet set. However, apart from seeing famous faces walking through the beach and eating in the restaurants, navigators can relax in one of the two beaches, Levante and Poniente, that expand along more than 150 metres iong. Beyond the Suxury and ostentation, the quality of this sport marina has been awarded with the Medalla de Oro al Merito Turistico and with the Gold Mercury International, because of their actions in favour of the social, cultural and economical development.

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