Noise, laugh, stress, work, concrete... these are daily and very stressed aspects of our lives. Let's give us a respite. Let's enjoy the country! Why not? Why don't we discover and take advantage of the intensity and beauty that surround us? Each garden, lake, mountain or cliff in Malaga hide inside a rich and spectacular biodiversity sometimes unnoticed. Nature in this province offers magnificent and appreciated respites such us the sound of a waterfall, life spring that refreshes our earth and the animals that are fed with it, the blue, orange and red colours drawn at dawn or at dusk in the Sierra de la Nieves the Acantilados de Maro or the lakes of the Guadalhorce river mouth. Indeed, our nature houses indigenous species as special as the chameleon, the royal owl or the Spanish ibex. It is also a nature chosen by many birds that fly around this province such us the pink flamingos or the cormorant that look for rest in their travel and also for a place for their vouna birds. Why do not we go to the country? Why do not we escape with our backpack? Since it is so near- It is said that nature is wise, then, let's learn of it, let's create our own landscape. Give us a respite!

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