—Route of Bandoleros

In this province, it is very common to hear taies of the famous bandoleros, highwaymen, who rode doing robbery to the richest travellers. Many of those bandoleros lived in the Axarquia having shelter in the mountains and getting what they needed in the villages around. There are some places that still keep the look of those times, for instance the Venta de Alfarnate that was built at the end of the 17th century. We can visit there the statue of the famous bandolero Luis Candelas and the dungeon where he stay the night. That place was where the authorities called Los Migueietes imprison the culprit while they had a meal in the Venta. Thus, this only was a stop in the way to Malaga where the bandolero would be judged. In this Venta other famous bandoleros have had drinks and meals such as Et Females and Jose Maria El Tempranillo, that one was so rough that he made a man to eat a wooden spoon because he offended to El Tempranillo. Luis Munoz, known as El Bizco del Borge because he was cross-eyed person, was other cruel bandolero. We can find the house where he was born in El Borge. That two centuries old building keeps the same structure and today is a hotel museum called La posada del bandoiero. There was a gang formed by El Bizco, Manuel Melgares Ruiz, Frasco Antonio and El Vertedor. El Bizco was the cruel leader of the group but Mefgares was very helpful with the waifs and strays. That fact made Melgares contradict some orders of the bandolero of El Borge, This last one was finally killed by his own gang with a blow of an axe on his head because of an argument about the sharing of the loot. History of a land that gives us an idea of how outstanding is this area.

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