—Curative Water

Most probably some of the historical personages that lived in the village of Carratraca, as for example Lord Byron, RIIke, Alexandra Dumas or Julio Romero de Torres took a bath in the sulphurous water that are said to be curative, Due to its success, a watering place was built right over the source, and which is stil! open nowadays to visitors who want to enjoy a bath. Antequera's landscape counts as we!l with beautiful natural spots, some of them have even been declared protected areas due to their ecological vaiue. With no doubt the most important of these piaces are Laguna de Fuente Piedra and las Lagunas of Archidona, also call Lagunas de Salinas. The Laguna de Fuente Piedra offers us the opportunity to be present at the colourful show offered by the flamingo colony in the immense lagoon. The water of this lagoon is also supposed to have medicinal attributes. The rich ecosystem in Las Lagunas de Salinas nourishes its surrounding fauna and numerous protected species live in it.

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