—Ronda, The bullfighting's cradle

Pedro Romero was the father of modern bullfighting. During his life he performed more than 5 000 strokes without ever being hurt. The Plaza de Toros of Ronda testified it. This mythical bullfighter inaugurated in 1785 the builring. It is considered to be of the most important and monumental one of the country, thanks to his architecture, character, history and beauty. The bullring belongs to the Real Maestranza of Ronda and his history is marked due to a partial collapse one year before its opening, which caused death to ten people. Despite the fact that the construction was not yet finished celebrations took place in the bullring. During the gala of the Royal Army in May llth, a soldier moved accidentaily a column causing the collapse of the construction. For this reason any sort of celebrations were prohibited until one year later. More precisely on May 19th 1785, when Pedro Romero fought for the first time against a bull in the ring. The contemporary artist Francisco de Goya represented the image of the matador on canvas. In 1954, on the occasion of the second centenary of the bullfighter's birth, the Corridas Goyescas were created. A celebration that brings back to iife the painter's epoch.

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