—The Serrania, a legacy of handycrafts and resource

Traditions are the result of a certain way of life. Hemp was used to produce, among other objects, harnesses for pack animals and is nowadays still used by the craftsmen of Parauta. We still can find workmen that elaborate Pleitiila, the rope used to sew baskets. Very famous and typical tools from Aigatocin are the Paneras. It is the name for boards, used to wash cloths, or doors made of chestnut wood- Doors that were opened, and still are opened, at very early hours. Between four and six in the morning the so-called auroreros from Atajate (people that get up at dawn) leave their houses. On Sunday mornings they used to dedicate songs to the Virgin Mary. Folk music is another expression of art, though not the most important one at the meetings held every two years in the village of Genalguacil. With the purpose to attract a selected rural tourism that respects the environment, of so much importance in this zone, a meeting between sculptors, painters and other branches of modern art was created. These artists, coming from all different places, get away from galleries and merchandising and leave their pieces as legacy to Gehaiguacil. They are in this way part of the village's decoration and do contrast with the canvas formed by the leafy forests. The area's fertility is evident during the whole year. Typical for the serranfa are the chestnut trees. The high production of its fruit in the villages of Alto Genal resulted in setting up a cooperative of chestnuts with its head office in Igualeja.

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